Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Here I am again.  If you do not get much in the days ahead it is that dare Quest.  Or it could be me!!
My day was normal.  Walked at 6:30, brought Mike a birthday coffee at his work, enjoyed Mary and Kids and Cynthia and kids over, went to Home Depot, took the car in for some repair and watched a bit of the Twins with Jerry W.  Also go on 6 more screens which is nice.  I do not know if I will put in the air and may try to get by without 3 this year.
I had a first.  I had been up this morning for almost 45 minutes before I thought of Gail.  That was sad but yet good too.  As I approached the river on my walk I started to think about her. 
I may have to get a lump on my ankle checked.  As I have walked more this week it is sore and actually quit raised so may have an x-ray or something if it does not get better.
Again I was going to get to bed early and here it is past midnight so best get some sleep.
Again, the day was an A+ weather wise.

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