Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday with a big M

Here is Ruby Gail.  I have decided that she really looks a lot like grandpa Lee.  I hope no one tells me I am wrong because I need to dream again, well in this case I may be hallucinating!!!!!!!!!!
I did get in an hour and 20 min walk this morning.  That was good.  Met Kathy Childs (married name?) and greeted her, that was fun.  I see her walk or run past here sometimes and each time I am envious of the younger generation as they tend to keep more fit than my gereration.  That is good.  Here is Kathy, a former volley ball star at the U of MN.  She now has a family and is a homemaker and still looks so trim and fit.  That same thing is true for all of my kids.  That is great.  Also shouted "hi" to Kathy N as she sped by on her bike.  I think she bikes to work. 
Stopped at Gerten's Garden Center today.  They have so many nice and pretty stuff.  I walked out without spending a dime but I felt like I had been pick pocketed as I looked at the prices!!  I did find out that if I plant a Honeycrisp apple tree I need to plant another tree that flowers at the same time.
On my way home I decided to stop at the Honda dealer and dream.  I not only dreamed but I would admit I even drooled a bit but drove away with my 181,000 mile Highlander and NO monthly payment!!!!
I am going to put on 4 screens today and if I do that I can get them all on in 8 days!  I thought about putting 6 new windows on the second floor so I would not have to climb the ladder with storms/screens each spring and fall.  I actually put that on my "to do" list (I no longer have a "honey do" list:( ) but after I checked the cost I switched windows over to my "dream" list and scratched them off the other list.  They now are clumped together with a new Harley, a airsteam trailer and an Accord!!!!  Actually one of those could happen but not the harley or airstream.
In my prayer time this morning God told me to lighten up.  I said God did you not hear my lovely daughter say yesterday that I am full of pee and vinegar?  He just said lighten up, let the sun shine when it wants, let the rain come when it wants and focus on what you can do.  I meekly said OK.
Got to go

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Anonymous said...

Okay, you've always said Branson is for old people, well then the Airstream fits in that category as well! Old pappy goin' down the road in his Airstream! The Harley would be my bet. I do believe God knows what he's talking about, lighten up! Go easy on yourself you're doing great. At least you're honest with yourself.