Friday, April 9, 2010

You be the judge

Some people say Jude looks like grandpa, you be the judge.  The picture of Jude is when he was about 8 months old and the one of grandpa is when he was about 2.
Another DOWN day was on hand.  I can not remember having 2 such downers on a row but it happened yesterday and today.  I did get a few things done but not much.  A friend fixed my 40 year old tiller so I picked that up.  It works great and I am so happy.  I dug up some of the yard on the east side of the drive way as I need to landscape that so the water drains towards the street.  I hauled about 5 wheel borrows of dirt out and there is much more to do but every little bit helps.  Perhaps I can get some more done tomorrow.
I did drive to the river again and just sit for about an hour.  It is really peaceful there and kind of fun to watch people as they run, walk, bike etc. alone the river.  BUT it really did not give me much comfort or peace of mind.  I am just going around with this knot in my stomach and it just kind of sits there and bothers me.  I know it is not any things physical that is wrong, just a lonesome knot that bugs me.  Have also been so so close to those darn tears often and I say to myself this had better just be one of those darn stages because it is April 10 today which means we are oh so close to 7 months since Gail left us.  It may be that everything in the yard reminds me of her.  The green grass, the flowers, our first red tulip is up in front, just everything is coming to life with the rain we had over the last few days and Gail just loved this time of the year.  I quit working in the yard this evening at 6:00 but if Gail would have been here we would have come in the house when it got too dark to see.
I have not slept that great the last few nights and those slices on my face have bothered me a bit so I suppose all of those things could contribute to that knot as well.  I really am not complaining, I just want it to go away.  I don't dare take my blood pressure.  I have been good about those BP pills but I am sure if I did the readings I would not be happy.
Not a lot planned for the weekend.  I do have a meeting tomorrow morning at 7:00 but the rest of the day is pretty free.  I have some wood projects to work on as well as several other things but the energy, the motivation and the get up and go have almost got up and went!!
I think this is enough for tonight.

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michael said...

At this point in Jude life, he DOES look like you (who knows about the future!) - but not in the picture you posted! Jude is smiling and you are mister stoic. In the current header picture he looks more like you....