Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

It is now 9:40 PM.  I have had a nap today, made ham and cream potatoes, went to a meeting, enjoyed half of the family and some friends over for much of the day, ate too much, toasted Gail at the grave site with Baileys and I think I am missing some things too.  Don't know where to start this evening.
First, Travis picked me up at 6:50 and we went to 7:00 AM church.  I then worked on the ham and potatoes until about 9:15 when I left to meet family and friends at Gail's grave site.  We spent about 15 minutes there, thanked Gail for her love and service to all of us and also promised we would remember the things she modeled for us.  I doubt that we can do things as well as her but we will try.  Came home to get the glaze ready for the ham, get the cream potatoes on the grill and Travis made his delicious finger food things.  We ate about 2 but actually by that time I was almost full from the pre-meal goodies. 
I was so exhausted I took a nap and when I came down stairs most people were gone!!  Not good, I can't do that again.  I went to the meeting tonight and now here I am, alone and writing on my blog.
The pictures are of Faustina with her basket and the ham as we cut it.  I think I was successful in making Grandma Lee's cream potatoes in my new cast iron dutch oven on the grill.  They turned out great.
I think part of my tiredness was the emotion of being without Gail.  These holidays of course are difficult.  Gail always was such a huge part of their success and now to try to do something similar to what Gail would do is just not possible.  More than anything I miss the evening after everything was done when Gail and I would sit and talk about the day.  Now I can blog, watch TV or something but not talk!!!  Life changes so much so fast and it is difficult to keep up with things.
I can't forget, It is Deb Saunders birthday today, happy birthday Deb.  It is also 20 years ago today that Grandpa Saunders passed away.  He passed away at Regions Hospital.  A couple hours after his death, Grandma, Allen and I put Grandpa's body in our van and drove him up to ND, a 4 hour drive.  How adventurous is that???   That was grandpa's wish so we did it.
I will relax for a bit and go to bed.

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