Monday, April 12, 2010

A busy week ahead

Here is the house my mother grow up in.  It was lived in until a short time ago.  At this point I don't know if it is still on the farm.  Our farm was a mile from here where my aunt and uncle lived. 
I have done my work for the day!!!  I went and got 30 more gallons of sand for the sand box.  I think I will allow Leo to play with me in it on Wed when he and I hang out together all day.  How great is that!!  We will invite Henry and Liam to join us at Chucke Cheese's for lunch.  I can hardly wait.  That may be one of my favorite places----well I may be telling a little white lie but it should be fun.
I had tears yesterday as Mickelson won the Masters Golf.  His wife is still quite sick from breast cancer treatment.  I guess I will always have a soft spot in my heart for women who go through that.  If you take away Gail's death the hardest day in my life was when I sat and watched Gail have her first chemo treatment.  The liquid looked like red poison to me at the time.  I knew that it was meant to help her but I just sat there and thought to myself, Gail's body will never be the same and it turned out to be a correct viewpoint.  Did it help Gail, I really don't know.  Knowing what I know now would I do it again, I don't know but the what ifs and the buts and etc. are a long long road to nothing so I will continue to work at remembering the good times and being thankful for who Gail was, what she did and the fact that God so lovingly gave us so much time together---it was not long enough but perhaps I am a bit selfish.
I do have a meeting in a short time so must go.
I continue to struggle a bit with things.  Yard work, dishes, house cleaning, taking care of Wallace, house projects, washing clothes, 32 screens to put on and the list goes on.  I have yet to find a schedule or method of fitting every thing in but that may be a life long rock around my neck, I just hope I don't fall into the lake like that!


Anonymous said...

Mom's old house was moved into Veblen. It's right as you come into town next to the cemetery. When Joan and I were up for Rocky's wedding we went out there and took one last look as it had sold at that time. Arlene says it looks really nice where it is. Now you know!

Allen said...

You sound like you think you don't get much done, but wow! you sound really busy. I bet your house is really clean and neat.
Debbie s