Monday, April 26, 2010

A new day and a new thing

Here are our birthday boys April 15.  They sure had fun at the party.
I was happy as I got my walk in early today and it was good.  I hope to walk that 4+ mile route at least 6 times a week as I need the exercise. 
I purchased a different car today.  I downsized to a Honda Accord.  I think the salesman did his job, he made me feel like I got a good deal!!
I spent some time with Qwest today and I think my internet is now good to go.  At least so far so good.
Not much new here.  I once again did not get out into my shop and I think I still have somewhat of a thing about that without Gail.  I still can hear her words echo when she said about a year ago Carmen I can't die soon because I need to see the beautiful things you make.  Every time I hear that I get this lump in my throat or a tear in my eye.  It is not bad, it just happens.
I plan to get some yard work done tomorrow, we will see what happens.  Got to take care of those dumb weeds before they get out of hand.  Our neighbors had a tree sprayed near our yard today and afterward Wallace would not go outside, it must have smelled too much.
I am out of words and out of energy.

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