Thursday, April 29, 2010

The wheels

The new wheels.  As I was thinking today I realized this is the first car that I have bought.  Before we were married I only had a bike and a motorcycle and when we got married Gail had a car.  Then for the next years of course it was our car when ever we bought so here I am at the age of 63 buying my first car so to speak.
A rather slow day.  We did have meditations this morning and then Travis and I met for breakfast.  I went on a walk after that but from 11:00 to now I did not one stitch of work. 
I did do a first.  It was sad but I got through it.  Gail and I often would go down to a picnic place on the Mississippi River called hidden falls.  Well I stopped at the store, just like Gail and I would do and got food---I then headed down to hidden falls for my picnic.  I, myself and me were all there.  No Gail and really no fun but I got through it and I may do it again sometime.  I should look up the word picnic but I think it may imply 2 or more people!!!   Regardless I did it and the "first" is over with.  I should have kept a log of all the picnics we went on from the time we were married.  I know there were 100's and maybe 1000's. 
I find that I have to force myself to do things and then after the first time it is not so difficult.  I have been in kind of a mini funk this week and it would be so easy to stay home and isolate oneself from the world.  Perhaps I did that in a very small way this afternoon but 1/2 day of it is not so bad.  I just need to be careful to not do that toooooo much.
I did not sleep well at all last night.  I was so pleased as it seemed my sleeping problems were behind me and perhaps they are.  I hope last night was just last night and not a pattern so will see tonight. 
I can not say enough about the weather, the trees etc.  The sight and the smell of the blossoms is almost intoxicating. 
Now that I fixed my internet I was even able to post some pictures on Facebook.  That was surprising.  I do not look at it very much but I had tried to post pictures in the past and I would get kicked off internet. 
I got some dishes done today.  I had not washed dishes all week and there were not too many but nice to get some of them done.  Certainly makes the kitchen look better.
I am debating if I should go in the shop tonight or read a book.  I may toss a coin!

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Anonymous said...

Nice wheels!! Way to go!
I looked up picnic and it indicates more than one person but I've had picnics by myself and had some soul searching, eye opening conversations. Even though you don't choose to have them by yourself a picnic is a good thing.