Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday of Holy Week

Anyone for an electrical extension cord??  As I continue to work on Liam's I am going off in different directions and cleaning a bit.  My goal is to have my shop looking ordered, neat and nice.  Well here is what I have found in terms of cords!!  I don't think I will be buying any more soon, I mean ever.
Today is the first day I have been in my shop without my longjohns on and I feel almost naked but it feels so so good.  I don't mean the naked part, just the no long john part.  Well I do have a picture of a naked guy running away with his feet in the air and it says "happy retirement, free at last".  Will D was so taken with the picture he wants one for his hall way!!!!!!   I'll be happy to take a picture of the picture and send it to anyone who is retired and FREE.  For a moment I thought I had lost weight, but no dice.
As I sit here blogging the temp shows that it is 74 outside but it actually feels warmer than that.

One and half of the guys could not make it to men's group tonight so I canceled it.  Maybe I will use that time to clean a bit.
Had a trigger this morning.  I needed to change some things on the Servant Camp blog in terms of Gail's and my bio.  I looked at the picture of us and decided to keep it on the web site for now, maybe forever.  She should let me know if she and George Simmons have started a camp in heaven!!  Really, I looked at the picture and cried.  She looked so happy, her arm around me and both of us, well it was difficult
There was a story about how Jesus may have really looked on the history channel last night.  It related to the cloth that might have covered his face after he died etc. but it was on at mid-night and I fell asleep and woke up at 2:30!  I will have to see if it is on again. 
I had better get out again and see if I can figure out where to keep all those cords so I use them.  Or--maybe I could sell them on Craig's list or give them away or something.  I think there is enough length there so I could string a cord from my house to Mark/Mary's in ND.
Also I need to get my walk in today.  I have been walking alone the river with Wallace and it sure is nice.  I am so lucky to live near such a nice walk way.

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There is a special on Pascha (Easter) night relating to the Orthodox celebration at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. It is televised on many of the NBC affiliates. I would highly recommend it to anyone.