Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A busy but uneventful day

Here is Gail camping with her family but I am not sure where it was.  I was thinking of this kind of scene when I made camping reservations the other day and I was thinking how I will so miss Gail when I pack for our family camping in July.  She just did everything so perfect and enjoyed it so much.  I won't even have her to cuddle and cozy in the pickup if it gets cold at night.  I can see already that I have many more "firsts" to experience in the months ahead.
Today was busy.  Six guys were here at 6 AM for our weekly meditations which are always very good.  Then Jerry and I went for breakfast and I had a camp meeting here tonight.  Between those events I got 72 squares of flowers and veggies planted and a 4 mile walk in and enjoyed soup for dinner with Cynthia and Mike.  The weather was just perfect.  I still have a hard time justifying the time it takes to go for a walk but I do know it is good for me and important. After our camp meeting tonight I wanted to sit and talk to Gail about the camp things ahead of us----can't do that now so will have to go solo on some of the things.  The program directors are so so great and experienced I perhaps would not have to do much but I like to think I need to do some things.  Can you believe we are now planning the 33rd edition of Servant Camp!!!!  I am not sure I am that old.
I was encouraged that today went well for me, that is two days straight.  I would give anything or do anything to have Gail at my side-----life would be so much fuller and richer and meaningful but I will do my best to continue on and live my life in a way that gives Glory to God and honor to Gail.
I think I may be about ready to venture into my wood shop if this weather keeps up.  I did spent a bit of time out there yesterday but it was chilly yet. 
Tomorrow I hope to make the final decisions on the monument and order it.  I will see if I have enough courage to make that decison to put my name on that cold hard stone!

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