Friday, March 12, 2010

Another day, another cute picture

Here is again that wild hair that Gail seemed to have when she was little.  NOW I know where Travis got his hair when he was little.  I never knew that before.
Happy happy birthday AMY!!!!  Hope your day is a great one!
Not much to say.  I seem to be getting a bit closer to getting into some work but I am not there yet.
A strange thing has happened as I have connected in some small ways with a few high school classmates.  I think I have e-mailed or sent a note, or called 6 of them.  First, it is difficult to try to imagine what they are like 45 years later.  I just can not get myself to think of them as myself, 63 years old and not the 18 year old I knew them as.  I got a note from a gal who actually served in the MN house and senate in the early 90's but of course with her married name I would not have known.  She and her husband now live in Florida.  I have not done any in depth communication with any except a gal who recently lost her husband, I have shared more with her but to think for the most part after 45 years what would one say after a few notes or calls or whatever.  We all are so different now, certainly not the same person that we were when we were friends a long time ago.  Anyway it is a somewhat strange kind of situation.  It has been interesting and fun to reconnect but of course all of us are into the family around us and friends around us and I think that reconnecting is fun, amusing and interesting but very limited in most ways.
In my pondering and thinking I feel I have come up with a solution for my guest room, I will put a futon in it and then that can be pulled out and used when someone comes.  Putting a full sized bed in that room almost takes up the entire room and it almost blocks the attic door so I felt I could not do that.  The thing is I don't have a futon but I can buy or build one.
Wallace is at his hairdresser!!!!  I get a haircut once in a while for $14 and he gets a cut once in a while for $75, go figure that out.  Gail would cut it and I may have to try as the weather gets warmer.  He needs to get a cut at least every 3 months or he looks like a sheep.  When Wallace is gone it sure is quiet.
Weather is still cloudy, rainy and a bit depressing.  By early next week it is supposed to be low 50's and sunny, my bike will be out for sure. 
I took the time yesterday to take a self portrait with my bib overalls and Makita hat.  The dirt, grime and paint on the bib overalls is real, got there from work and sweat.  I have not decided when to post it as I am concerned that my sister may like it so much she will show the picture to everyone and I may start to get calls from Carhartt or Makita to be their poster man of the year.   That would not be good as I do not want to be famous and for sure I don't want to be rich.  I will warn you a day in advance of the posting so you can skip that day, it may depress you!!!  Lucky for everyone I have several more days of Gail coming up.
It is really time to see if I can do a bit of work around here.  Dishes seem to grow dirty in this house now so I need to roll up the sleeves and clean.

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