Sunday, March 28, 2010

They dangled and dazzled

As I sat in church at 7:00 AM this morning the elderly lady sitting in front of me had clip on earrings.  I can not remember the last time I noticed someone wearing them.  It was a trigger as pictured here is Gail's earring.  It was about the only pair she had as she never had her ears pierced.  I thought they were the most gorgeous piece of jewelry a woman could wear and they melted me.  I wonder now if Gail knew that!!
Well today is a new day and I am confident that it will be better than yesterday.  I was thankful for the prayers offered as I did not take my bike out but went on a walk and really came home much better.  This may sound strange but I put on a decent pair of pants and took my wallet.  I thought if I got into the village area maybe I would stop in at the local pub for a beer.  I have never done that my myself, ever!!  Well I did not stop but my walk was good and when I arrived home I watched a couple of movies on showtime.  I do not get that on my cable but they are showing it free over the weekend.  There was a movie with Helen Hunt and I don't know who and it had a happy ending!!  I do not watch many movies but I like Tom Hanks, the gal in sleepless in Seattle(I always forget her name), and Helen Hunt the best.  Why do I mention that as it certainly is not important!!
We have a community area meeting this afternoon.  I don't know if I can go, those triggers lately have been a bit much and for some reason being around many of the people who were and are so supportive just plain makes me cry a lot.  Isn't time supposed to heal that????   I am beginning to think I am tooo sappy.  I knew I should not have said anything a few days ago when I said maybe I was past that stage.  I prefer the lump stage over the wet teary stage!
Here it is now 10:45 PM.  I did go to the community area meeting and the highlight was a wonderful conversation I had on the way out to the car after the meeting.  I talked to a couple, he lost his wife to cancer about  15 years ago.  He remarried and has a wonderful family now.  It was a conversation that one does not get too often as I have not talked to a lot of men who have lost their spouse.  It does really change a person, it changes the way you look at life, the way you think, the way you hear things and on and on. Anyway it was fun.  When I arrived home Cynthia and kids were here so that was fun.  Also had a good time with John and kids and a nice conversation with Aaron.
Holy week is here and then glorious Easter Sunday in a week. 
I find myself when special days come up thinking of a year ago and saying now that was Gail's last one.  I am not looking forward to Mother's Day. I do not want to be negative but that one will be difficult.  Gail's last Mother's Day was interesting and will maybe talk about when May comes around. 
It is about time to get some sleep.

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