Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day

May we all enjoy the green brevage of our choice!!
The caption on the back says Gail at 2 months.  That would be fairly close to our little Ruby Gail Lee, the famous Girl Bucky Badger.  This will be the end of Gail's pictures from Oakland CA. 
I am so bad, I forgot to mention yesterday that it was Mary Lee's birthday, happy birthday Mary.
Another perfect March day.  Sunny and almost 60, can't really get any better than that. 
Not too much happening today.  I was so tired (there is a reason God intended us to have children at a young age) that I took 2 Advil PM, went to bed at midnight and did not get up until 8:30.  I think that most real people are half finished with their work by that time in the morning but I convinced myself it was OK and not to feel guilty.  I supposed I could sugar coat it and say really it was only 7:30 because of daylight savings time but I will use that excuse for another time.
I wanted in the worst way to get some work done outside but NOT.  I did get a bike ride in, took the dog for a walk, took a friends dog for a walk, ran an errand, checked Johns sap bucket on the front tree (he has about a gal of sap), and then did a few dishes.  Will go to John/Mary's tonight and than to men's group at 7:00 so all in all it may be kind of a full day. 
I feel that in the last few days I have been able to have a bit of a bounce in my step which is refreshing.  I know, it will come and go but as of today it is on the go side and that is a good feeling.  When Henry and Liam were with me yesterday Liam talked about Grandma several times and it was OK.  People are so different as Liam wants to talk or refer to Grandma a lot and Henry does not.  I know that it is just a difference of people as of course they both loved Grandma so much.  For me I sometimes see that I may bring her up too much.  Many people, in fact most people and almost all men, do not know what to say or where to go with a conversation that involves Gail.  I understand that and it is OK but for me I NEED to talk about her sometimes.  I could almost hear her today saying that we had to go on a walk as it was so nice outside.  I could her her saying that she should be in doing dishes but she could not resist the sun.
My excitment for my wood shop is getting stronger as the weather gets warmer so for me that is good.  Next Monday it will be clean up and work on Will D project and Cyn/Mike's project.  Both are so small but will be fun to do.
I think I will try to get somethings done before I leave for dinner.

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