Saturday, March 13, 2010

Out of season but not out of character

I love the expression on Gail's face.  Again look at that curly curly hair.
Yesterday we did not see the sun for I would guess the 5th or so day but I think there is a change coming and a good one.
I slept for 6 hours last night without waking up once, it was so so nice.  It has been perhaps a year since I have done that.  I would say it is a good sign.
I did my walk in yesterday but I did not do any work.  I am beginning to think this might be OK!!   No not really but I think my mood is becoming a bit lighter and I still think I am close to launching out on some project.  Today may not be the day as I need to leave shortly to work a parking lot on the fair grounds but it is just until noon so not all day.  I am hoping I don't have the experience that I had when I went to fill out the paper work.  The fair grounds work was Gail's idea so there is a piece of emotion there.  I am hoping that sun that is supposed to come appears in the morning.  The last time Gail worked the fair grounds was the first part of May and the weekend was so nice and Gail just had a super time being outside in the sun with her funky Tilley hat on.
I drove to Burnsville last night and had dinner with Larry B.  It was supposed to be a meal with several people but his wife Jeri was not feeling well and others did not show so it was a twosome.  I actually do appreciate eating with someone else most of the time.  One of the hardest things is to make food for one person.  Gail would always say that in her women's group it was nice to eat together because there often were 2 or 3 single gals.  Gail would say "I know they really like to eat with others".  She was so correct.
The rain has almost melted all of the snow.  There is some left and a bit of ice but you can see much grass now.  The ground has also started to thaw as the water is not pooling by my garage, it is soaking into the ground.
Wallace came home with a grand haircut.  I had them cut his hair shorter around his head and I like it better.  He should be good now until June.  It would actually be nice to get a cut every 2 months but for the cost every 3 months will do.
I did do the dishes yesterday.  It does not take a long time to do them as it seems that there are mostly glasses but it is just getting to them.
I am hoping Amy had a great birthday yesterday.  I am getting lonesome for their family, for sure that little Leo.
I am thinking about six months ago, (September 13) it was a Sunday night and Gail had gotten cathator(sp) in as she just was too weak to get out of bed.  At this point she was not eating anything but she could still converse a bit.  It was Sept 11 that she wrote her last words as she could not talk.  She asked in the long skiem of things was she better or worse.  She was beginning to have a hard time talking.  I was able to put my arm around her about noon and she sat up and managed a weak smile.   This was some of the hardest hours for me as it seemed that she was in pain.  Dr. Zenker and a nurse assured me she was fairly comfortable but it was difficult.  About 3 weeks previous she had 5 cups of fluid removed from one lung so I think that was beginning to fill again.  I may need to do something tomorrow  so that I don't dwell too much on Gail's last few hours.  It seems like yesterday and it seems like a life time ago.  I would say that I am so THANKFUL to be able to have cared for and loved Gail at home until she met Jesus.  That was special in many many ways with all the family here.  I know that Gail wanted that and was happy about that as well.
I got to go to work so will post this now.

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