Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Friday night, what's a guy to do?

Here is a camping picture on Prince Edward Island and I use this today because this was taken on a Friday.  Friday nights was Gail and my "date night"  I have said it before but again I would leave school as early as possible and the rest of the day/night was our time most of the time.  Sometimes we would do something fun, sometimes we would just be around home but I knew it was a night that I would not have meetings or any other thing that would take me away from Gail.  So here I am sitting, thinking, maybe shedding a few tears but really at this time I am able to recall the good times, the blessings, many of those special Friday nights and more than anything else just be thankful to a God who is so good, so great, so loving.
I can smell that camp fire and I can taste those Tonka toasts with egg and sausage in and then blueberry filling for dessert!!
In that picture we were the ONLY ones in the campsite, just like me tonight, the ONLY one here!!

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