Sunday, March 21, 2010

A short walk---a long journey

This is Ruby Gail picture night.  I should think that the littlest and the youngest should get star treatment at least once.  At this time grandpa thinks she is the cutest but then I thought that same thing of each of the first 6 so go figure!!!!!!!!!!  Grandma would say she sure is a keeper.
The shower was nice today.  I would say there were about 30 in Gail's family there and it sure is nice to have those little kids there.  I even played volleyball.  I did fall once but I did not cry.
I took a short walk tonight and it turned out to be a long journey.  I walked around the block and then I wandered up to St. Kate's campus.  I spent a bit of time there and that was the journey.  Some of the memories I laughed about and cried about were:
  • The boys bringing back fish eyes from the pond
  • Gail's and my last grandma/grandpa day was spent there
  • The many times the grand kids came there to climb the trees, chase the ducks and play in the play ground there
  • sliding down the hill towards the pond and hearing Gail's laugh as she did that
  • taking family pictures there the weekend of Cynthia's hs graduation
  • holding hands with Gail as we took our walks around the campus
  • walking across the campus to the boys' soccer games at SPA
  • Cyn danced there once
  • feeding the ducks bread
  • Some of the last walks Gail/I had were around the campus 
My emotions, there was no use in holding them back.  They came like the water cascading down a waterfall without the noise.  Actually I guess there were some sniffles so there was sound.  I am happy there was not a soul around as they may have called 911 in seeing this strange man acting strangely.
The shower was the 3rd family function I have gone to alone.  The first was a wedding, the second was the Christmas thing and now today.  I was in control today pretty well.  I hope I can adjust to St. Kates as it is so close and a fun place to walk.
I am hoping and planning to get in the wood shop tomorrow, I will see if I can be successful.  I have not looked at the weather but hope it stays kind of warm.
I am going to try and sleep in tomorrow, will see if it works.   

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