Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I goofed

As I look at this photo I made too big of a deal of it.  It actually looks like an ordinary guy who has a lot of work to do.  There is not any resemblance of poster boy material.  But you can see the dirt, grime and paint on the overalls so I do think that it shows I am real in some ways!!
Busy day with meditations just finished and now it is Henry and Liam most of the day.
Some place I picked up a very bad cold, please cold go away as I am miserable.
I have all that wood that needs to come out of the pickup so need to figure out a way to find time to do that.  I thought about Henry and Liam helping but I think most of the wood is too heavy.
Wow, this is shaping up to be a very busy week, not sure that is good or bad but will see by Sunday evening.  The week will end with a family shower all Sunday afternoon.
Meditations have come and gone.  I woke up with a little head ache so went back to bed to get rid of it.  Looks like the guys came, prayed, discussed and left.
There is some rain this morning.  Hope we see the sun before the day is over.
Got to run and pick up Henry and Liam.  I think I have to stop at Cyn first as she has one of my car seats.

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