Thursday, March 18, 2010

That goofy Liam

As I was leaving today I noticed in the corner of the living room near the fireplace the 2 Christmas musicial snow men.  I thought where in the world did they come from.  I have not had those down here since Christmas.  It then dawned on me that Tuesday when Travis, Henry and I were working in the garage with wood Liam was "exploring" upstairs.  I would bet he brought them down because they were down here when Grandma was with us!!!!  He did not say anything, he just brought them down and set them on a table in a corner by the fireplace.  So so interesting.
I am feeling lousey today.  Can't seem to shake this cold and not feeling great otherwise either so I canceled out on my evening meeting and will try to go to bed really early.
The last few days I have looked at some cars but have decided to not do anything for a bit.  I found a Honda Accord today that had low miles, wonderful interior and was great to drive but----car payments at this time just don't sound very appealing.  I have decided to downgrade in size so when I get something different it probably will not be an SUV but rather a medium size sedan.  We will leave things for another day.  As many of us know it is dangerous to test drive cars that are so nice.  I suppose I could go by the motto live a little and drive a lot but not for now.  My Highlander just turned 181,000, maybe my goal should be 200,000.  I also drove a 2 year old Camry hybrid and it was fun to drive but a bit noisy in the cabin, I was surprised. 
I got together with Gail's brother Al this afternoon at the Happy Gnomo.  It is always fun to do that and we do not see each other often enough.  Will see most of Gail's family Sunday at the shower.  Ryan/Abby will be having one of these destination wedding kind of things so will not be part of that so must make the shower fun.
I am going to actually try to go to bed by 7:00 tonight and see if extra sleep can shake this cold that just kind of hangs on and makes me sneeze a lot with a stuffy head.  Gail, I need some of your TLC!!!!

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