Saturday, March 13, 2010

I LOVE this picture

Allen is going through his parents slides and sent some pictures to me.  Here Gail and I are in Indianapolis Indiana in the summer of 1964.  You can see again Gail with that little head band on, it just melted me every time.  Our band went to the Memorial 500 race and marched in the parade and also the day of the race inside the track.  The trip along with our trip to the state basketball tourney were the trips Gail and I were together on.  Our band was very good and our uniforms were super.  Along with what you see we also wore black shoes and white spates (sp) and the band looked very sharp.  We also did very well where ever we marched.  We took 2 or 3 coach buses on the trip.  Gail's parents went as one of the couple chaperons but we made sure we were NOT on their bus!!!!
I worked the parking lot at the fair for 4 hours today.  It was a bit cold.  I debated before I left if I should wear long johns and finally I put some on.  I would have frozen if I had not worn them.  My back bothers me a some when I am walking or standing on parking lots for a long time so right now my back is sore.  I have to keep reminding myself that old age is mostly in the mind.
Enough, I did not intend to blog again but I love that picture of us. I guess it brings back many many good memories.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that is a great picture! I remember those uniforms, I got to try mine on and that was all. I graduated and went away to work for the summer. I would have liked to have seen you and Gail and the marching band. The band was so fun while I was there and all we had to wear were those slightly mismatched gray and maroon uniforms.

Anonymous said...

I remember those uniforms and spats, as well! Looking at them now, it seems as though they had an awful lot of decorations on them. You don't have a picture of the hats, by any chance?

I remember the bus ride through Madison, Chicago and into Indianapolis; the dorms we stayed in; the steep track we marched on; and Joellen Dyste had to have her appendix removed!

Thanks for the memories!!!!