Saturday, March 13, 2010

Six months ago...............................

The memories
they flood my mind like
raindrops in a torrent rain
they seem to wash away
the good things of life

the thoughts
they fill my mind like
the pennies in a small pool
they make the reality of
my being seem so small

the wishes
they remain ever so vivid
like the stars in the sky
on a moonless clear night
to be seen but yet unrealized

the dreams
they have all disappeared
not to come true and
perhaps not to be remembered
to come again I know not

the tears
they feel warm and wet
as they slowly trickle
down my face to pool
on the edges of my set jaw
they blur and sting my eyes
they dull my senses until

My God
He seems so distant at times
ever so near yet
ever so far from the reaches
of my soul

it seems to rush
without a moment to
stop, wait, forgive or renew
it goes to never be seen

The future
is it to be of joy
is it to be of sorrow
or is it to be like
a cloud
in the distance which
hides or reveals the sun

My Gail
old age never visited
dreams mostly unrevealed
your call was something
you knew not but
yet you answered
because your God called

what will it bring
we know not but
your being will be afar
your spirit will be near
my heart will ache for
your touch,feel, smile
and yes your embrace
not to be but
not to be forgotten.

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Anonymous said...

We are praying for you Carmen. Psalm 139 - He is with you.