Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Might I have a bad hair day?

I think there may be a bit of static when the kids jump on the tramp!!!!!!!
Kind of a busy but OK day.  Had meditations at 6 AM and that was good.  After that Jerry W and I went out for breakfast.  Cynthia stopped by with the kids and then John/Mary and kids came by in early evening.  They caught me napping, not too smart on my part.  I was able to get a walk in and a fairly short bike ride.  Aaron did such a super job on my bike I don't know if I can count riding it exercise as it is so easy now.  BUT---the big thing was I did get into my garage.  I worked on a wood project for about 2 hours and it was OK.  Of course I wanted to show Gail what I finished but no Gail.  So I just looked at it myself and said it is going to turn out fine.  I am making something similar to an Ikea toy storage for Cyn/Mike.  It will not be fancy but will be usable which is what they asked for.  Also need to get a book case cut out for Liam's birthday next week and then he and his dad can build it.  Did one for Henry and it turned out well last August.  That is actually the very very last time I did anything in the wood shop.  I really should clean it up FIRST but I want to get these 2 projects done and then will sort, clean, throw etc and it will look great.  Larry B came over at 3:30 while I was in the shop.  He said it smelled good.  I was just cutting pine but the smell of wood is much better than a fine perfume!!  Maybe not as good as that certain perfume Gail used when we were dating!!!!
The weather was oh so nice today.  Sunny all day and the temp was up to high 50's,  will we pay later?
Last night I went to bed without any Advil PM.  I jumped in bed at about midnight and did not wake up until the alarm sounded at 5:15 AM.  I can not remember the last time THAT happened but I am guessing it may have been as long ago as early January of 09.  It felt so so good.
I continue to sneeze, blow my nose and feel like a Mac truck hit me.  I can't shake this cold.  It is not the worst but it makes me feel kind of not the greatest.  
I can not get over how all the grand children change so fast.  It still is difficult when I am with them as they all were just the love of Gail's life.  I know that her love for me had no bounds but those little kids were so so special to her.  She often said that she never had a grandma and she wanted to be the best grandma she could be because she thought it was so important.  She was right.
I have not made ANY progress in ordering the house more but it can wait and I will not lose any sleep over it.   The dust, is seems to multiple over night sometimes. 
I think I have said enough.

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