Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day Two of "Look how cute Gail was"!!

The note on the back says Gail was 4 and her Aunt Elsie Hill Pond made the hat.  I am not sure she looks like 4 but that is what the note says.  I also never heard of that aunt.  Maybe she was an honorary aunt.
Yesterday was a replay of the days past.  I got a 3 mile walk in and not any work done.  You would think I am a broken record that keeps playing the same same thing.
Each day I am inching closer to getting the bike out.  There is really no ice on the sidewalks now and the weather says in mid week it could reach 50, wow.
I am going to be in my shop in about 30 minutes.  I turned the heater on when I fed Wallace.  I don't know how long I will be out there and I know that it will only be to pick up and clean up but that is a start.  The last time I used my wood shop in any way was a month before Gail died.  My heart just has not been able to go there.  Her words will be etched into my heart forever.  In March when I brought a table leg in the house to show her she turned to me with misty eyes and said, "I can't die soon because I need to see all the things you will make."  With those words often in my head I just have not been able to do any woodworking but I think I may be getting close.  Cynthia/Mike have a very simple project and I may takle that.
Meditations were good this morning as they always are.  Jerry, Don, John and Harold are a wonderful mix of men to discuss with, talk with and spend time with.  How blessed I am to have great male friends to share life with.  As I continue to grieve the loss of my beloved Gail I, more than ever, cherish the male friendships I have.  I think I have put to rest forever the idea of putting on bib overalls for the next year, not shaving and holing up in my shop away from all human life!!!!  Actually I guess all I have to do is look up at my picture of Jesus, the carpenter, to know that following the Lord involves a bit more than living the life of a recluse.  By the way the picture of Jesus fits well on the wall next to the deer head with small horns.  The deer does not stink any more so that is good.  You may think a deer head in a shop is gross but my family had a deer head in the living room when I grew up.  It appeared in every family picture.  So maybe I have come a ways in refining the Lee Way.  Actually the deer head may say more about me than anyone wants to know.
Enough, I will put on my bib overalls and see what my shop looks like and what it may need.
I am back in the house an hour and 15 minutes later.  It was cold in the shop but on a scale of 1-10, 10 being finished I landed on a .2    Tiny but progress.  I think that it is colder in the shop than outside.  Maybe more tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

You actually OWN bib overalls?????
This I have to see! I guess the pockets would come in handy. We need to get you to a fashion consultant, maybe painters pants would be better, they have pockets too!