Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gail, day three--big eyes all the better to see you

Gail would often say that in the spring when the snow would be melting and there would be a lot of humidity her hair was impossible to control and I could never see that but now I do.
I am going to warn you right now that you may not want to see this blog in a few days.  Sister Helen can not believe I have bib overalls so soon I will take a self portrait and post it.  I may even wear an old dirty T-shirt with it and flex my mighty muscles!!  For sure all of you working men would guess that my bib overalls are the one and only Carhart--the only clothes for real working men.  I will give a day notice so you can black out that day if you want.  Maybe I'll even put my Red Wing work shoes on and that old hat that has so much character and do a full length shot.  Helen may want to print it off and frame it for their picture gallery.
I had a great time with Dr. Paul yesterday.  We went to this pub that has 50+ beers on tap and another 400 bottled beers.  I am getting so socially savoy that I even remember what we had, each of us ordered a flight!!!  That is you can pick out any 5 beers on tap and get a small glass of each one.  Helen, you are on for that place when you come up, Dave no dice and I don't know about Joan!!!!  It is a great way to taste different beers.  Helen, they do not sell Miller Light, Bud Light etc., just beer!!!
My work is like watching paint dry on a cool humid day.  I just can not get out of this funk.  I don't feel that I am depressed or sad or that kind of thing.  I think I just am in a time frame here where I don't know how to start living without Gail.  I have mentioned in the past that when she would be gone for a day or two my intent would be to get so much done but I would end up walking around the house and walking and walking and walking and I would do nothing.  That is where I am now, I move but I don't do anything.  I am finding that there are so many things I miss now that I am alone and one of the big ones is I don't have Gail as my sounding board.  I bounced everything off of her, some would have said too much but that was me or us and it seemed to work but now I look at her picture on top of the fireplace and ask her what I should do.  She  waves that little hand and smiles and says "I am fine, you will be fine live your life for God and family".  Perhaps that is saying that so many of the worldly things I/We tend to do are important but really not.
I am upset with Allen and Helen.  I thought I had that word from the Lord as both said you need to get a convertible BUT one suggested I get a turquoise and the other a flaming red so that confused me, I don't know which to get so will settle for nothing.  I did get one thing out of that whole car issue.  Helen finally admitted that her tiny Miata is too small!  Maybe Mike will buy her a real "grown up kind" of car in August as she has that BIG birthday coming up.  For people who have never met Helen you would never believe she is having that BIG birthday, why she is actually younger than me.
I am going to stop at Starbucks and get a small cup of coffee today.  I always get an Americana but they have this promotion now.  For 8 weeks you get a different kind of coffee and get your little book stamped and then at the end of 8 weeks you get a free pound of coffee.  Now I never do that kind of thing but I will do it this time just for the fun of it.  There is a gal Sandy who works in there Wed and Thur.  I coached her son in baseball and soccer at Highland.  At the end of one of our first soccer games she approached me and said your are Christian aren't you?  With my NRA hat on I thought she would not be able to tell but.  Anyway I go into Starbucks either on Wed or Thr as those are the days she works.  So why did I talk about that, who cares!!
It is still raining today and the snow is fast disappearing.  I would think this would not be too good for flooding
in places but have not heard much.  
Got to go, things to do, places to go, people to see--That is what Gail and I would always say.


Anonymous said...

Maybe one day when I grow up I'll get a big person car, or not! Can't wait for the picture, I'll show it to all my friends. Yes, I have the BIG one coming up so you may kindly quit reminding me and anyone else! The beer place will work and if you find a wine place we can hit that too. I'll always be the baby so you are obligated to be nice to me at all times!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'll pass on the beer, but I like the bib overalls. I have thought for years I should get me some. It would be like going back to childhood,(that's a scary thought) We get some at the Salvation Army Thrift Store and when they get one my size I think I will check it out. Just can't shell out the money for new ones and volunteers get a discount added to a low price.