Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Again today

I am trying to avoid working so will blog again.  No picture as I will save another picture of Gail for tomorrow.  I ended up going to the auto show.  I would say that if Gail could have been with me we would have been one of the younger couple there.  As it was I was a bit out of place, alone.  I found a parking spot fairly close and plugged the meter for 2 hours.  I would say that I was somewhat successful there but I did not find a convertiable that I liked, they were all to cheap!!  Here is what I found:
  • If you have not looked at new cars lately you should look, the prices are almost amusing
  • I did not buy that $3.25 bottled water, success or that $3.75 soda success
  • The most reasonable car there was the SMART Car.  As I looked at the price and the car I thought that is not a bad name for it.
  • I resisted the sales pitch of those lovely young Toyota ladies in modest (yes modest) striking red dresses.   I think Toyota has the best sales approach and with all that they have going on that is wise.  The young ladies walking the floor giving info were by far the most effective.  They knew more, they were more available, they were more visible in those red outfits and I would say Toyota is on a mission.
  • I could not get the price of a entry level Ford Taurus from the elderly man behind the desk.  He also said he had no idea how Taurus compared price wise to Honda and Toyota!!  I think that was his way of saying the Taurus is more expensive.  I asked the price because I thought the Taurus SHO on the floor for $53,000 may not be your typical working man's ford.  In the end I was able to find out that an entry level Taurus is $25,000+.  I would say the Ford is no longer for the working guy but rather more for the "in debt" guy.
  • I arrived back at my car with 4 minutes on the meter, not bad
  • At $57,000 I decided the Ford Expedition was out of my price range.
  • I liked the new Honda Crosstour but not for the $38,000 price tag
  • Of course most car companies have the 2 or 3 top of the line cars at the show.  Almost all the prices would give a 4 year old heartburn.
  • If tires on those sport cars get any larger they will look like self-propelled sprayers on Dale and Mark's farms.
  • I failed, on the way home I ate lunch at BK.  BUT I got filled up for $3.28  not too bad
  • Success I did not stop at the DQ for a cone
  • As I got on I94 it was stopped so I was able to get off and take University--success
  • The new Honda Insight is not bad looking
  • The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is way way over priced
  • Toyota with it's no money down and no interest for 5 years is tempting
Enough, I arrived home to realize that I had never turned the heat up this morning so the house was 62-burr.  The temp outside is near 40 but it is damp and chilly.
Maybe, just maybe I can do a tiny bit of work.

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