Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday of Holy Week

Here is my brother and his family perhaps about 1975 or so.  I am sure they came up to Devils Lake in their Ford Mustang.  Lisa, the little girl standing will have a BIG birthday Friday!!  I will not say how old she will be.  Sorry about the quality of the picture but Dave and Marlys haven't changed a bit!!!
Kind of a quiet, normal day.  I actually slept late.  I missed the recycle guy.  Got some woodworking in, saw Travis for a bit, John for a bit and Cynthia twice. 
I returned from a walk about 7:45 and it still was quite light, very nice.  Then about 9:00 I just took a short walk up to the corner and the moon is pretty tonight.  I would say that today/tonight is about the first time a person can go for a walk in a light jacket or none at all.  It still is hard to believe that spring has sprung but maybe it is here to stay.  As we head towards April it is hard to believe that we had not even snow flurries in March where on the average we get 10 inches so a bit dry.
I am going to give suffering during Holy Week my best shot.  I will try to limit calories to about half what I need.  I hope I can last the week but self-discipline is not my strong point.  However I really do want to become more spiritually tuned in this week and IF I can endure a bit of hunger that would help me be closer to what God wants and has for me.  I am usually a positive person but I am afraid that I will fail, time will tell.
There was one time Gail and I fasted for a week.  The results were really wonderful and the funny part was when we broke our fast we went up to the corner cafe for a salad and to this day that was the most wonderful salad I have ever eaten!  Somehow God always seems closer when I am not so content or so full.
Not much more tonight.  I hope that each person who reads this blog this week in some way, in some form can be drawn closer to our Lord and his tremendous love for each of us. 

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Anonymous said...

I will only make mention of the fact that there is a #4 involved in Lisa's Birthday this friday (don't want to totally give it away after all!) Seems when we deny ourselves we draw closer to God and our dependence upon our Lord. A whole week fast? wow! are you sure you're not Orthodox?
May your Holy Week bring you peace!