Monday, March 8, 2010

Gail is cute week!!!!

My pictures this week will be of Gail during her first 3 years when she lived in Oakland CA.  Here she is dancing as a little bee in a costume her mother made.  She is 3.  She looks to me like she is giving it her all which would have been par for the course all her life.
Not much to say today.  I have yet to go on my walk but will do that soon.  Had breakfast with Jim C at 6:30 and will enjoy having dinner with John/Mary and kids tonight.  I would say friends and family take care of me much better than I deserve.  Am also looking forward to having an afternoon beer with Dr. Zenker tomorrow as well as 6AM meditations tomorrow.  I am going to try to get to the auto show sometime this week.  I would like to take the lightrail downtown Mpls and then buy a $50,000. car.  I am thinking that will make me feel important, it will impress people and I will be happy all the time then.  My only question is what color should I get.  I mean after all I can do anything I want now and I am as free as a bird.  Ouch, that bird just got shot.
Before I leave for a walk I must tell a story about Gail.  She loved to journal but her trouble was she would start and then not keep doing it.  I do wish I had kept all of the books etc. in the house that she had started journaling in.  I found one a few days ago.  On the cover it said "Our trip to Italy".  I opened it up and on the top of page one she wrote, "Travis drove us to the airport".  THAT WAS THE END OF THAT JOURNAL!!!    I could almost not stop laughing.  I just said to myself Gail I loved you so much and you were one of a kind for sure.
Got to get going on that walk.


michael said...

That picture is amazing. I love it. hahaha. -cynthia

Allen said...

carmen, I think you should buy a light turquiose car--a convertible--

Anonymous said...

If you're going to go that all out make sure it's fire engine red! That gets one noticed! And definitely make it a convertible! Miata's are too small but there many other FINE models to choose from! Not!
Love the picture. What a cutie, no wonder you have such a good looking daughter and cute granddaughters - good genes.
Next time I see you I'm sure your practicality will rule!

Connie said...

This picture of Gail is just too cute. It is a keeper. She looks both Hollywood wise and little girl innocent at the same time. What a treasure - both Gail & the picture