Friday, March 26, 2010

Another weekend is here

Here is Gail sitting by the picnic table in 07 in PEI.  It certainly brings back many many good memories. 
I am putting off some work I must do tonight.  Eight guys will be here for a breakfast meeting at 7:00 AM tomorrow.  I need to pick things up and get a strata dish together tonight as it is supposed to be made and put in the fridge the night before. 
I finished Cyn/Mike's project today and they are delivered so one project down.  I forgot to walk today.  I headed out to shop this morning, arrived home and went into the shop and totally forgot to walk.  Took care of Henry, Liam and Audrey for a couple of hours this afternoon and then had dinner at John/Mary's and Cyn and kids were there too. 
It was a bit on the cool side today but still nice for March.  NO snow this month, what about April??
That is it for the day, I do have to get at the dishes etc.

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