Sunday, March 14, 2010

I don't know what the occasion was!!!!

Here is Gail and Allen.  I don't know what they were doing but a guess would be some kind of field work.  Whatever it was looks like it could not have been too hard work as they are as happy as can be.
The weather is glorious today.  Sunny all day and the temp must be close to 60.
I over slept this morning as I did not have the time change on my mind.  I got a good walk with Wallace in, was able to try out my bike and it is super (Aaron did a wonderful job on it), got the back yard picked up of dog poop, was able to go over some of the grass lightly so it will dry better, cleaned up the pickup which was nice and enjoyed a short visit from Cyn and family.  I stopped at John's on my bike ride but nobody answered the door.
I have decided to post the bib picture on Tuesday.  When I look at it I think I hyped it up too much as it does not look all that bad but it is proof I have bib overalls and use them.  The story behind that is there was a time when I was little all I had to wear was bib overalls and I got to hate them.  When I got a bit older I said I would never wear them again.  I think I hated them because I never saw my dad wear them so naturally I thought grownups never wore them.  They did come in handy when I picked the eggs as I was able to fit 13 eggs in all the pockets and never break one!!!
Well I was not going to mention it but here it is, 6 months ago this afternoon Gail met Jesus.  I think I have been focusing on it too much.

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