Friday, March 19, 2010

The gangs all here

Liam-5, Leo-3, Henry-6+, Audrey-1+, Faustina-almost 2, Jude-7 months, Ruby-7 weeks
A first, all the grand kids together.  They had a grand time biking, jumping on the tramp, reading books, playing with toys and eating!!!
Everyone was here tonight and will come again tomorrow morning for breakfast. It was a good time.  I would not say I ran out of food but we ate all that I prepared.  Times change so fast.  Henry and Liam can now ride bikes and they all grow so fast it is unreal. 
Gail would have had a grand time.  Especially with Ruby and those little twins (Faustina/Audrey).  They are not twins but are so cute together and almost the same size. 
Not much tonight.  I spent all day cleaning, getting food, washing dishes etc.  God is so good as I am so blessed with family.  They all are outstanding in their own way and Saint Gail is smiling and clapping her hands in heaven.  Thank you Gail, today of course would not have been possible without your love, your sacrifice, your wisdom and all the things you did in motherhood.  We love you, we honor you and and thank you.
Most of all we miss you so much----but someday we will meet again.
I need to have bacon, eggs and pancakes along with coffee and tea ready by 9:00 tomorrow so thank you Lord for your blessings.

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Anonymous said...

Good looking batch of Grandkids Carmen! :)