Saturday, March 6, 2010

Only one time

Gail only got to go camping with any grandchildren one time.  Here she is with Henry and Liam in October of 2007.  It was so bright out that night you could actually read a book by moonlight.  Of course the boys wanted to sleep with grandma in the back of the pickup so poor grandpa was stuck in the tent my himself!!
Today was uneventful.  Had 7 men for a meeting and breakfast, went on a 3 mile walk and not much else. 
I actually am very happy I stuck to my exercise this week and Monday through Saturday I walked everyday for a total of 21.4 miles.  I would like to make it a daily thing but I am terrible at sticking to things like that but I will give it my best shot again.  I just need to convince myself that it is good.
I have had a difficult time getting much energy up but maybe that is not all bad.  I know I can't be lazy all my life but I need to maybe relax for a while. 
That's it, much today.

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