Monday, March 22, 2010

Go Green!!!!!!!!!

Here are great examples of our family go green.  Henry and Liam are doing the pedal power way of transportation and I hung out the clothes.  I would say I enjoyed hanging out the clothes but not in the way Gail would say.  She loved to hang the clothes on the line and then smell the fresh clothes as they came in the house.  Of course there was always that "saving" mentality too when she did it.
It is almost 2:00 PM and I am taking a break.  I made a list of things to do this morning and I have done many of them.  I have been to the compost place, to the bank, to Best Buy, to Joanne's fabrics, have gotten my walk in and now I am ready to get into the garage so at this point in the day I give myself an A but then I do grade myself pretty high just to build up my self-esteem and do the "feel good" thing which is in vogue in our culture today.  Don't ever blame me for not being the modern man!  I almost forgot, I also stopped into RC Dicks and picked up a pair of walking pants on sale.  I was sure to not get any of those pants that show everything, even things that should be hidden but rather I went the modest route with a pair of Reebok pants that are for old men!!!  I may not have that young chiseled body at my age but I have some middle age class!
I think I have taken a long enough break so will try to get out into the garage while the temp is still above 50.

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Anonymous said...

The picture of all the grandkids on the new header is my favorite! Excellent. God bless, Mike