Friday, October 9, 2009

Another first and another difficult time

For the last couple of years Gail and I had shared some meals with Jerry and Susan Wind monthly. It was always a special and blessed time. Last night for the first time we shared a meal again. This time it was neat to have Cynthia/Mike there but it was very difficult to not have Gail there. I absolutely hate those "firsts" but I know that I must walk through them and with time those situations will be a joyous part of my life again but for now it just is so darn hard.
I did not do any work yesterday. Joel came over for a period of time and that was really good, then Ed Schwab took me out to lunch and again the burger was good but the company was the best and lastly we were at the Winds.
The temp read 31 this morning so I would say fall is official and winter may be knocking on the door. NOT
I do have a lot of paper work to do yet in regards to Gail and I have not been too hurried in getting to it but I suppose that needs to be done. I received paper work for health insurance yesterday in the mail and it was addressed to Carmen Lee. I just stared at it for a while as I just did not like the looks of it. In my heart I wanted it addressed to Carmen and Gail but I do know that is no more so I will move on shuffling my feet for a time but in the end I know my step will be steady with my head high and my mind clear of this cancer induced fog. Lord please continue pouring our your love, your grace and your stamina into every fiber of my being.
Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

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