Thursday, October 15, 2009

property tax day!!

My or my what a rainy and dark day.
I have been going through many many boxes of cards and papers and it is so interesting. Some of the things that I have discovered
*Gail certainly was a woman of inner beauty. So many cards, letters and things telling her how special she was were neatly bundled and stored but to look around our house you would think that she was any ordinary housewife but she was so special to so many people.
*Some people must not ever balance their checkbook as checks were found. I am assuming that people did not give us gifts in the form of checks knowing we may not cash them!!!
*I have found many pictures in cards and people do change.
*I found a book we made of sharings about her for her 50Th, wish I had it out a month ago
*The card industry must do very well!!!!!

I stopped in at Vision World to drop off Gail's glasses to be reused by someone. I could not drop them off so that will be done at a later date.
When I was going through papers last night I looked at the clock and here it was 2 AM, don't really know how that happened but no wonder I was starting to get tired.
This weather reminds me of what I would think London may be, it is so cloudy, so rainy and just not a happy kind of atmosphere. If this keeps up I may have to purchase some happy pills to compensate for weather, not really.
No, there is a pile of papers staring at me so will go.

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