Wednesday, October 21, 2009

White Rock here I come!

I woke up to an empty coffee container. How bad is that!! Actually it is good because I have parts of 4 coupons from White Rock Coffee so I will use them and get a pound of wonderful coffee for free!
I woke up this morning all ready to meet the challenge of a busy day but much to my dismay the time was only 12:47 AM. How is that?? I looked at the time about 4 more times before I rolled out of bed to the pitter patter of rain. It is supposed to rain all day.
I was wondering about hats last night. In going through so many things I have found many hats. They are from Saris in Madison to Holiday Island Arkansas to Notre Dame football and many other far reaching places. Am I old enough to line them up on the back window of my car or is there an age requirement for that? I wonder if I can google that to find out. I also found a wiggly little Hawaiian girl for the dash and I doubt there is an age limit on that!! If I keep this up I may find a fuzzy thing to put on the steering wheel and then maybe I should buy a knob for the steering wheel too. Somehow I feel myself going out on a limb here and it may break any time.
I take Henry to school this morning, have lunch with Jim R, out with Henry again, soccer game to watch Claire play, dinner with Al/Deb and then men's group. I know Gail would look at me and ask how do I expect to get any honey do things done when I insist on globe trotting like that.
In writing this blog I have a big problem. I am the world's worse speller. I love spellchecks but sometimes I am so bad I can't get close enough for the right word to come up!! I will just blame it on those first 3 years of school at Woodlake Country School where my teacher gave me the same spelling book for 3 years and by year 2 I had memorized all the words so never learned to sound them out. What the heck, may as well blame someone as a person can get depressed if they are to shoulder all of their own faults and blame themselves!!!!!!
It is now 6:28 and I think White Rock opens at 6:30 so I better hit the road for some of that scrumptious energy producing java.

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