Saturday, October 10, 2009


This it it, October 10, 2009 and at 10 AM the deck looks like that. I am guessing that it will go away but for now that is real!!!
So much for going to bed late. I went to bed at midnight last night and when I woke up I was ready to get up, the only problem is it was only 12:45 AM! I think I looked at the clock at least each hour and got up at 6:15. I really should have gone to men's group at 7:30 but just could not get my mind up for it and I did go out for breakfast with John. I came home and tried to rest but my mind would not settle down so here I am blogging away and thinking that life has it's ups and downs with today being on the down side.
I am happy that I got the walnut lumber stacked inside last night so that is set for the winter. I am sure we will get some warmer weather but when??
Last night the Minnesota Twins blew their game and actually the ump blew an important call but it just did not seem important to me.
I think I will try to gather some things up for Good Will this morning and get items out of the house. With the buffet and table clear things may look a bit brighter.
This morning reminds me in a big way of the fall we moved to St. Paul in 1977. On October 17 we did not have a house yet, the boys had been rejected from school even though we had enrolled them and there was light snow on the ground. Gail and I often referred to that blue Monday as the one of the worst Mondays of our life. Of course it all turned out well and it will again I am sure.
No, if I intend to make anything of my life I best get into gear today and see what the Lord has in mind for me. I do not want the Lord to have big things in store and miss them!

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