Monday, October 12, 2009

Snow snow go away

Gail died 4 weeks ago today. This morning as I was waiting for the recycling to come I was going through papers that Gail had saved and now is a time to throw most. I will leave with a quote from a note I found. Gail had met a gal Barb who had a young family and had breast cancer. Barb was heading up a support group and encouraged Gail to join it. Gail had told her that she had such a wonderful family and community that a support group was not needed. I remember the morning of December 8, 2004. Gail asked me if she should go. She was having a difficult time as she was still doing treatment and I had found out that I had prostate cancer and that was difficult for her too. We decided she should go for her friend Barb. (Barb died this past summer of breast cancer) Here is a note from Barb the day after Gail went to her support group. "Dear Gail, Yesterday I went for my herception---only 3 more to go!! I asked Wendy if you had arrived and she told me that you were taking a break until February. My heart stopped and I wondered how your husband was doing--and perhaps you were taking time to focus on him getting well right now. Gail, I wanted to tell you what a miracle it was for me on that Tuesday night that we sat together, you know, I was trying to invite people to the group and encourage you to come. I thought that although you didn't feel it was what you needed, perhaps you could be a voice for someone else. I was so humbled when I saw you that night, in spite of the news from your husbands doctor. As you shared your strength and wisdom with your clarity that the cancer is gone, it's just gone. I realized you were there for me that night. I went home afterwards and told my husband a miracle had happened. I had been struggling for months with fear. While I know this is normal and understandable, I just could not will myself to let that fear go. I never expected the answer to come to me--and change me--through someone else. You reminded me so much of my mother's generosity and gentleness. I am sure she and God both had a hand in meeting you. Gail, I've been getting treatments for 12 months, always on Tuesdays. That Wednesday morning meeting was by accident---I was blessed that day. I am incredibly grateful to you for being there, for sharing your story and for taking the time to talk. Please know that you have made an enormous impact in my life and I am very grateful." To those who may read this you now know Gail a bit better and can realize even more how blessed I was for 41 years.
I will be headed up north in about 3 hours. I think we will be doing some outdoor activity so it may be interesting with this wet snow!!! I will be back tomorrow afternoon.

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