Thursday, October 8, 2009

Old things, old friends

Several interesting things happened yesterday. Cynthia and I went through some of Gail's china cabinet. We took out many things that will be given away and still there are lots of things in it. There were things like 8 cups from her personal garage sale and other things that she had gotten from many many people. There is still the pitcher, saucers and cups from Mexico that I gave her in 1972 and they may have to go some time. I was able to do some more work in the garage and get the lawn mower and edger in the front from my wood shop in the back. Perhaps I have 2-3 hours left so that I can put that area to rest until next spring and also park the pickup in. I removed the 2 downstairs air conditioners and put them away.

In the evening after Travis left I called Larry Fangsrud who had been by best friend from the age of 10-21. We had roomed together in college for 3 years and when I transferred to another college my junior year our lives took different paths. Well I have been meaning to call him for many many years but did not take the time so last night I did. We had not talked for perhaps 40 years. He lives in Havre Montana and he could not believe that we were talking. We talked for about 35 minutes and believe me that is a LONG time for me to talk on the phone, it was good and it was fun. I told him that sometime in the next year I may take a road trip and visit him.

Lastly I once again had a difficult time getting to sleep but once I fell asleep it was lights out for about 6 hours so that was good. I went through 3 more boxes at 1 AM and the only interesting thing in any of them were ALL the Italy things from our trip in 03. For sure the pictures, about 200, brought out the crying towel but it was good. I am still looking for 1 picture that I remember and I have not found. I remember that Gail said so many times that she would return to Italy any time just to see the many many beautiful churches. As beautiful as the churches were I bet they pale in comparison to her home today!

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