Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm so lucky

I finished reading a book "Forever Ours" by Janis Amatuzio. It was a wonderful book for me to read and I think anyone would really really like it. It tells many real life or death experiences and certainly gives one food for thought and hope in eternal life. On one of the last pages a man explains how defeated, how sad and how difficult it is to deal with his wife's death. A doctor turns to him and say how lucky you are. The doctor goes on to say that most people live a life time and are not loved like that man was or can't love like he did. As I read it I thought that certainly could be about me. Gail had a special and unique ability to love and much of it was directed at me. I think in return I loved her in a way that was rare and special. So, as of today I will go forth with that attitude. I know there are tears ahead and sad moments but I promise I will do everything in my power to live like a very lucky and blessed man. I have been saying and thinking that the upcoming holidays will be difficult. I am going to change my thinking. I know that I will shed tears from time to time BUT I am going to go towards the holidays with an attitude of honoring Gail and enjoying every minute with family.
Deb/Dale stopped by last night on their way to Goshen IN. That was fun.
I got together with Dan L yesterday afternoon for a Surly beer and wings. As I usually say the treats were good but the conversation was better.
I will leave tomorrow and will return Wednesday evening. Ernie/Carmen, Ed/Carol and myself will spent 3 nights at a B & B in Door County WI. Those 2 couples are mature in age and young at heart so it is always a fun time. Gail and I survived 3 North Shore vacations with them and then 3 weeks in Hawaii so I have no fear!!
I am looking forward to having lunch with Jenny Dodge today. How lucky can an older guy get than to enjoy lunch with a pretty young lady. Don't worry, she is happily married and my focus is and will be for a long time kids, grand kids, cleaning, clearing and my wood shop!! Jenny and her family have been special to Gail and I for many many years and today will be a time of catching up as our paths have gone in different directions. It also is important that she is bringing some home made brew that she and her husband make!
I just realized that I need to prepare and pack myself so better get going. I actually think I may have to put in a load of clothes.

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Connie said...

WOW, the Dodges. That is a fond memory. The Dodges and I were in Free Church Fellowship together in POP. Please give them my best. Jenny was a little girl at the time.