Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good Bye October

As we count down these last hours of October I think there may be a sun rise on the horizon. I can see a bit of change in my heart. The nights seem not so terribly lonely as a few weeks ago. The days seem not so empty as they once did and the work around the house seems not quit so meaningless. I still do not sleep very well, I still often aimlessly get things done and I so often think of all the things Gail would be doing if she were here. Yesterday both Audrey and Faustina were here at times and I just know how much grandma would be beaming if she were here. At times like that I need to remind myself how happy she is in heaven and how much better she is because of that.
I am beginning to gather things for deer hunting and I need Gail to help me but of course it is again a solo venture.
I had one of Jenny's home brews Thursday. It was really really good but in a 22 oz bottle---I need to drink the last one not solo!!!!!!
I lost it yesterday as I filled out papers for health insurance for 2010. I had to mark the box "not married" and I had not done that before.
I listed Gail's quilting machine on Craig's list last night, will see what happens.
A very good friend Bonnie Klein died yesterday. She moved here from ND at about the same time as we moved. I remember getting together with Bonnie at the Two Spot in Devils Lake and talking about the Lord. She too battled cancer for a long time and I am sure endured much pain and suffering in her battle. I pray for her husband Joe and children Gretchen, JJ and Chris. They are adults now but the pain is still so difficult and I know Joe will need all of our prayers. One of the difficult things is after a long battle like that a person knows that when it is not in God's plan to heal the person is finished with their suffering and that is good but it is hard to wrap one's mind around that because they are missed so much.
I need to figure out what I want to do tonight as I do not want to answer the door and give out candy, somehow I need to avoid that.
I will drive to Resurrection Cemetery today to spend a short time there and see the pumpkin Travis put on the grave site.

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Jennifer said...

I'm delighted to hear that you enjoyed the beer. However, I have a confession...I totally grabbed the wrong batch. The beer we offered you had "technical" difficulties. We've experienced too much carbonation. Therefore, we recommend that you pour the bottle into a pitcher and allow to settle a bit. We will remedy the situation and replace the beer with some from our new batch (once we make it)
Jenn (Dean, and the girls)