Friday, October 16, 2009

A day of extremes

It was a day of ups and a day of downs. In the morning I stopped at Resurrection Cemetery. Grass is now starting to grow over the black dirt. For some reason today it seemed like a cold, dreary sad place. The tears flowed down my checks as if it were a hot day and I was squirting myself with a sports bottle. That took me by surprise and for some time I just sat in the car to calm myself and clear my eyes so I could drive. After lunch Jerry Wind stopped, Cynthia and kids stopped, John/Mary and kids stopped and Jan and Jenny came. ALL at the same time. It was a time of laughter, memories and it was fun. Although we do not see Jan and her daughter Jenny very often at one time they were a huge part of our busy lives. Then everyone left and I remembered that Friday nights were Gail and my date night for many many years. I remember looking at the clock in school waiting for 2:00 to come so I could hurry home and spent time with Gail. Often there was no special event or dinner or anything but it was our date and it was a big deal and most always fun. For MY date night tonight I searched through 100's of pictures for 8. I put them in an old unique frame and set them on the fireplace mantel. I took most things off and arranged new things just for Gail. I am sure if anyone notices they will instantly recognize that it is the design of a man, not a womanly touch but it will stay like it now is for a period of time. It contains special items that Gail loved, it has a candle from the funeral, it has pictures of the Lord and it has pictures of Gail from year 1 to the end of her life. I like it!! It makes me sad and happy at the same time.
As Gail said in her dairy on march 26, 1964 "I will be honest because I am only fooling myself." I failed again for lunch. There was great left over fish, salad etc. and what did I do??? I went to the store and bought potato salad and summer sausage NOT a good thing but now you know that I am weak and bad to the bone. I need to change so what is new.
I will not mention Jenny's last name but she has such a cute giggly to go with her laugh and she does remember the strangest things. She promised me some home made beer soon and I will be sure to hold her to her word.
The weather forecast is for sun Saturday and Sunday and I am looking forward to it.
I had failed to mention that the quilting machine that I would like to sell is for sale to anyone who wants a wonderful machine for a great price. It is a bit pricey as the current retail with the extras is about $4100 but you can have it for $2800!!
I am going to bed early tonight.

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