Friday, October 23, 2009

Out the door but not out of mind

After about 5 weeks of hanging in the doorway between the entry way and den several items of clothing that Gail wore most of the time went to Goodwill. I am not sure I should have been surprised but it was emotional for me. I almost stopped in mid stream and hung them up again but I knew that there is much use left in them and someone who buys them will really like them. I will see them often in the future in pictures etc so they will not be forgotten. I also cleaned out Gail's traveling desk. I gave her a very nice brief case several years ago and she only used it for her writing things when we would travel. I emptied it out yesterday and I think I will use it for the same purpose. Again it was not easy. I still have a Lunds plastic bag sitting on the steps. In it are my swim suit, a towel and other items that Gail packed the day Jude was born. She thought maybe I could take Faustina to Wabun Park swimming during the day if the baby did not come in the morning. I just have not had the heart to unpack it but soon I will do that.
I was looking at pictures on the camera the other day and there are 2 of Cynthia rubbing Gail's feet just a few days before she died. I am not sure if I want to keep them. I would rather that image of Gail as she quickly lost weight in her face fade into other memories of good health.
I was able to put the disk of Gail's wake program in the computer yesterday and watch and listen to it. I plan to make several copies of it for the kids. Hugh Springer did a wonderful job with it.
Don F was here for breakfast this morning, Dick Larkin picked up Aaron/Amy's meat, I will get together with Dan L this afternoon and Deb/Dale will stop here tonight. Sounds like a full day ahead. It would certainly be Gail's kind of day---doing something all the time.
I had lunch with the Schwab's and Rineharts yesterday to talk about our WI trip that we will leave on Sunday. For being more mature adults they sure are a wild bunch!! I may have to find myself new friends who are more laid back and reserved---just kidding.
I am going to do some running around this morning so will get going. I sure miss Gail, Lord continue to come with your love to sooth my heart and soul.

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