Thursday, October 29, 2009

B & B Cottage

This was my little home Sunday-Tuesday night. I sat near the front windows and wrote thank you notes some of the time. The real fireplace made it a bit homey. The rooms were oh so small and you could stand any place in the kitchen and reach anything!! I am sure I will remember Wren#6 as it was my first time to venture out without Gail by my side.
Today was a slow day which was nice. I did go baby sit Faustina for a bit as Jude had a dr appt this morning. Most of the rest of the day I stayed close to home. Mary called and invited me over for dinner which was nice. I had not seen Henry, Liam and Audrey for some time so I needed that! Of course it was nice to see John/Mary as well. Mary's dinner was delicious.
I made 2 calls out state today. I called our former neighbors in Devils Lake ND. They still live in the house next to where we used to live. They have 29 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren! I also called Andy/Harriet Hrezo who live in Ohio. I had a nice visit with Andy. They are the ones who really were responsible for us buying the house I have now. When we were looking Andy went and got the Sunday paper that was in the garbage already and that is the only way we saw the for sale ad in the paper.
Cynthia turns 29 Sunday. My or my how I remember getting our little girl in a miraculous way. I came downstairs one morning and told Gail she was pregnant. She started to cry and became angry with me as she thought I was teasing her. We wanted a little girl but after Gail had been so so sick for a month the dr told us there was no way we would have any more children. I held Gail and assured her that I was not teasing and I just knew God was giving us a little girl. We put a pink little bank on our dresser based on God's promise and sure enough November 1ST came and God's promise came true. For Gail to conceive was a total miracle. For our entire married life that moment of God's gift remained the greatest gift ever. Of course Aaron, Travis and John are as special as Cynthia but I am talking about the way God so lovingly gave us our hearts desire. As much as Gail loved the boys she so wanted a daughter. Now of course we have Amy, Mike and Mary who are in the same league, special. Lord please pour your grace out on all of us Sunday as the memories will be like the fall colors in the forest---vivid, front and center.

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Anonymous said...

Still reading and loving your blogging. It keeps Gail very close in my heart also. You are a great role model for me. Have a special time with Cynthia on her birthday. Mark