Saturday, October 3, 2009


Mark and Mary arrived last night about 5. They will be here for the weekend which is really nice. Not sure what we will do today as the weather is still cool and wet.

Last night we talked a lot about Gail which I like to do and it is good for me it seems. I do like to talk about her and I hope I do it in the right way. I miss so so many things about her that is seems to talk kind of puts some of those things aside for a time. I know that she would have served Mark and Mary so much better yesterday than I but I will learn and of course I will not ever be as good as Gail but I think I can become a good host.

Yesterday I worked for a couple of hours and cleared the 3 dresser tops in my bedroom of things that I did not want up any more and that was good. I put up a nice picture of Gail and I that was given to us when Servant Camp celebrated 25 years. By the way I did get 15 thank you notes written and it is good to look at names etc.

This will be short so will go.

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