Thursday, December 17, 2009

busy busy busy busy

Here is Gail in the blouse that was my all time favorite. It was taken before we were married as she has her high school ring on. I thought that she could be miss America in that outfit.
I have kept true to my word, kinda. I have not worked on the house or anything like that but the task of keeping up with everything is almost over whelming. It seems that I am watering things, taking care of the dog, fixing food, doing dishes, cleaning, wrapping, shopping, shoveling or many other things. I have not figured out if I am slow, if I try to do too much or if my state of mind is just not too good. I thought last night I might be losing my mind and then I realized that I couldn't be doing that because I lost it already!!
I visited Gail's grave site today and it was the hardest yet. Everything is covered with snow. Travis had made a path out to the grave site but it was so so so dreary, isolated and lonely it makes me cry while I type this.
I have been able to keep up with sending cards to all that I get from. That actually is not such a hard task as I have only sent about 30 out but to do it on a daily bases makes it a challenge for me.
I was excited yesterday as I made a light box for taking pictures of pictures and it works really well. It takes the glare out of the picture. I could not find my flood lights as I wanted to try it for the first time. Of course on the way to the store to purchase new ones I remembered where I had put them, in the garage. Why I do not know but when I arrived home there they were.
I have been exhausted the last few days. Last night I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 and finally went upstairs at 1:30. Then I slept until 6:30. I am over weight, behind in my work and often make mistakes---to that I may have to add lazy.
Technology is advancing so fast. When I purchased my first digital camera a card that would keep 400 pictures was about $30. I purchased a card today for $35 and with that same camera it would store 14,000 pictures. Now I have a different camera so I can only store about 5000 pictures, unreal.
I left Sam's Club with only the card but as I took some time to stroll the isles and look it would have been so easy to spent a lot of money. Of course for things that I really did not need but they certainly know how to market things.
I have that one looming project that I would like to finish before Christmas so I am going to work on that this afternoon. It is fun and not related to home, house or garage so I think I am OK.
One last thing. I have been so happy that I have been able to pray around my Advent candles each night. Gail and I would do that but as Christmas approached there were times when we just said Lord we are so tired please accept our "desire" as "doing". Well this Advent praying around the candles has been kind of a mini mini retreat for me each day and for that I am so thankful. Lord thank you for your grace and your promises. Also thank you for allowing me to pray for what I desire but accepting your will as my path in life.

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