Sunday, December 27, 2009

I learned a lot!!!!!!

On the left is Audrey and on the right is Faustina
I went to the Mall of America and Southdale and learned many things. Some of them:
1. Driving in the Mall of America parking lot on Sunday afternoon you need Nascar driving skills and then a little luck may be good too.
2. Almost everyone at the MOA is younger than this dinosaur.
3. If you were to buy a cup of coffee at every coffee place at the MOA you would have to go to the bathroom often!!
4. There is NOTHING I need to buy.
5. I think everyone in America shops on Sunday afternoon.
6. There are many more lookers than shoppers.
7. Victoria's Secret is misnamed. As I walked by I looked at the pictures and she has no secrets!!
8. I have read that ads for Abercrombie and Fitch are suggestive. I walked into the Southdale store and that is not true, they are porno.
9. Too many people eat too much food at the malls
10. If you go to the MOA take your coat off as soon as you arrive!
11. I was reminded again that now that Gail is not here my desire to shop is perhaps 10% of what it was and I wasn't big on shopping before. Much of what I would window shop or just look and dream about was related to Gail so end of story.
Now you know what I learned. Not too useful. I also found out that I am out of the loop as far as shopping goes. I went looking for a store that doesn't even exist anymore. How bad is that?
I am doing nothing the rest of the day and I think that will be OK.


abowar said...

I wouldn't feel too bad about finding out that a store isn't in the mall anymore. It's happened to me more than once. Stores come and go in the MOA all the time. God bless!

Jennifer said...

Brave Man! You actually braved the mall during the Christmas season?!? You do realize that the Christmas Season ends on Feb.1. Good points all around with VS and A&F. Those ads get worse as the years go by. Have a good one :)

michael said...