Monday, December 21, 2009

A day to remember and a day to forget

As an eighth grader in Cayuga North Dakota in 1960 there were no sports for girls so Gail played the cheerleader part. From left to right is Patty, Peggy, Colleen and Gail. It is unusual but today Patty, Colleen and our Gail have passed away. I do not know about Peggy.
I have some hope that today may have been the fall before the rise!!! I put the finishing touches on my Christmas project of looking at pictures etc. and it was about 2 wet towels worth of those salty hot tears. I feel like I did way way back when Donnie and Walter jumped me as I was getting on the bus. I did even things out with them later one on one but no getting even today. It seems like I was hit from the left, then from the right and now I am just a deflated blimp!! But like I said things may be on the way up from here. Well, it is worth a thought I think. I even tried a Surly (if you don't know what a surly is you haven't lived!!) but it didn't help. It did taste good but it did not make me happy!!!! Maybe I should have tried several.
After the new year I need to find a way to put my 1200+ slides on digital. I tried to put some on a screen and then take a picture and it turned out about 70% OK or another way to put it would be 30% bad.
I think the day started out kind of bad this morning as I went to the bank to get a signature something so I could do some legal paper work. Those things tend to throw me for a loop because they are always related to Gail.
I am having fun with my digital SLR camera. It is actually more fun than I thought. Of course it is always fun when one can make something out of nothing (my light box cost 0) and then use it in place of something that could have cost many $$.
Again I recycled a lot. I had emptied many boxes out in the basement so I got rid of those. I kept true to my word, I did not clean or anything I just got things out to the curb for recycling.
Henry called and wanted to know about a movie we had watched last week as we had left it in the machine. I then went down in the basement and found the Stars Wars movie that he wants to watch again, that was good.
I just read on the computer that Tiger Woods' wife wants 1/2 of what he has. Let me see I wonder if I could live on 500,000,000 the rest of my life?

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