Monday, December 28, 2009

Living in luxury

Here is Josh with Neil and Aaron with Cynthia. Josh was best of friends with the 3 boys. He, Travis and John were in many bike races together and we have many memories of our CA family vacation that Josh was part of. Neil and Cynthia are close in age, Aaron and Josh's sister Carolyne are close in age and Josh was between Travis and John.
I am living in luxury today. Here I am lounging in my poly underwear, my Wintergreen warm pants and my Patagonia fuzzy top and of course my slippers. As I sit at my computer I can see the temp gauge across the room which has the outdoor temp and it is starting to go down a bit and it is 9:45 AM. Well I just may stay inside with my winter wear on and enjoy the good life. I even am enjoying a quick release gadget for my tripod thanks to Santa John. Couldn't be much easier than this. I also am enjoying my 1/1 macro lens that works with my digital camera. You probably know that I am putting up a big smoke screen for missing my Gail. Actually I am comfortable but for sure I wish I could be uncomfortable with Gail-- it is not to be.
I am so ready for Christmas to be in the past. Christmas without my Gail was kind of like a hamburger without homemade potato salad, tolerable but not enjoyable.
I had my delicious Kona coffee this morning but I failed for breakfast. I broke down and had warmed over sloppy joes, it was so easy as leftovers were in the fridge. Maybe I will turn over a new leaf in 2010. I had better as it is the start of a new year, a new decade and for me perhaps a new whatever. I am not sure how a 62 year old can be new but trying is better than turning over and giving up. I may call my life a success if I can keep the house ordered, the floors dusted, the dishes washed, the clothes clean and then don't eat too much. I really should bring a sack of cookies, candy, nuts etc. to John/Mary as those boys can run it off in an hour and that is not so easy for us more mature people!!
No, I need to do more lounging, more photos and maybe a nap!!

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