Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A day of errands and triggers

Another picture of Gail when she was in grade school. No writing on this but I would guess 4Th grade or so. Perhaps one of her siblings would know. I hope people do not get tired of seeing pictures of Gail. It seems for me I can not get enough of those childhood pictures. She was such a cutie.
It was a day of errands and triggers. I would be doing something and doing well and something would trigger those darn tears. I purchased cars tabs and renewed my drivers license. On the way home I was actually singing a song and then I recalled that Gail had gotten a notice to renew her license too and those tears streamed down my cheeks.
About a year ago Gail and I started to eat much more healthy and one of those foods we ate often was broccoli. Today I steamed some for lunch, the first I dared do that. God's grace must be there because it tasted extra good and I didn't shed many tears. The memories of those meals was so vivid that I could see Gail taking the broccoli out of the steamer and putting it on my plate.
It was good to walk again today. The 2 days we were gone it was difficult to get those steps in but today I again got in about 11,000 steps. It would have been easy to not do it. It is amazing how easy it is for humans (me for sure) to get lazy.
People who know me well are aware that I have a hearing loss. It is not the worst in the world but my loss is in the high frequencies like 6000 and 8000. Too much tractor work in my childhood. I stopped in to get my hearing tested and see what hearing aids would cost. The good new was that I was correct about my loss and an aid would easily correct it, the bad news was for a pair of aids that would be good quality the cost upfront would be $4500!!!!! I may have to continue to compensate and be careful when listening to certain people! These golden years are becoming almost like gold.
I continue to ponder what I should do. I do think that it would be nice to have more people in the house but as Travis pointed out the house then will be shared with others and that does change many things. I need to think about grandchildren, kids visiting etc. There is no hurry but those thoughts do go through my mind.
During a down time today I decided to sit down and just be. I thought of how much I loved Gail and those last few months. I could not help but think about "what if" and I think I went through several tissues. I do not know if it is good to do that or not.
Jeanette Krause had a long long surgery for cancer yesterday. Dr had to remove some of her jaw and rebuild it. It seems that things went well but of course the recovery will be long. Lord come and heal her completely.
Several men are coming over tonight to pray so better pick up a bit.

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