Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hail hail the gangs all here

It was a day that Gail must have been smiling on as she would have enjoyed a grand time. Everyone here, kids running around, good food, laughter and all the rest that make a family gathering so wonderful.
Here is our family for today. In a month there will be another added. We missed Gail so much. Grandpa gave everyone personalized calendars and the memories were touching. Mary gave Cynthia a book of mother that Mary made and it invoked laughs, tears and memories from years gone by. There was much talk about our Gail, honey, mother, grandmother and champion family person of all time. If she could have been here it would have been a perfect day but instead of the hugs, the kisses and the warm laughter there were "I remember....", "I can't believe mother did......", "I know mother would have ...." and the list could go on and on. I detected more tears, more smiles and a spirit of "if only" but no that can't be so we live on and we will move forward in honor of mother.
Everyone brought food again and many of us ate too much. My sloppy joe receipt was a keeper so I will have to remember how to do it.
What did I take away from this day? Well a few things are: life is changed and it will continue to change, we will miss Gail forever, Jesus is the reason for the season, grand kids are certainly grand, I am so thankful for my children and I am so proud of them and lastly I have kind of put some meaning to my love for Gail and her love for me. I am happy with the results of what God put together when we were married. Gail had her faults, I had more but in spite of those our intentions were good most of the time and God honored our efforts. I now have a better understanding of the physical side of love, the emotional side of love, the spiritual side of love and perhaps most of all the intangible side of love. Love is something not to be sought after but rather cultivated and nurtured when God gives it as his gift to each of us.
Travis, Henry and Liam are still here so I will end with one last sentence. When human efforts, when human work, when human plans fall apart there is always God's love that covers all.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture! Not quite complete without Gail but I'm sure she was laughing down at all of you acting goofy and making the most of your time together. You do have a wonderful family and so much to be thankful for. May you live to make new memories in the hearts and lives of all that you love and touch. There is still much to be done with your life I'm sure.

May the New Year bring you peace.
Love, Helen