Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Servant always

Here is a picture of Gail hanging clothes.  I am sure she was helping her mother.  I don't know how old she is but my guess would be 8 or 9.  If you look at the picture on the right she has that same famous smile.
Not much happening today.  I worked a bit on my 2010 calendar this morning.  John stopped over for a chat and I cleaned up the dishes, there were not many.
I do know that 4 years ago today Gail and I were traveling back from the family outing and I was thinking of a special dinner I would be making tomorrow for her 60TH birthday.  I remember that it actually turned out well and it was like 5 courses starting with homemade squash soup and ending with a ice cream and orange dessert.  I had given Gail her present earlier which was a Wintergreen wool coat with a coyote fur collar.  I will put a picture of Gail with that tomorrow.  Cynthia is now enjoying the coat.  Gail only wore it a few times because she thought it was too nice.  I am sure as time went on it would have become her only winter coat but that was our Gail.
I am looking forward to Al and Deb's 3rd annual ping pong and cribbage tournament this Saturday.  I am not sure what I will bring as making food to bring places is a bit chancey for me at this point.  I think Gail usually brought her hot artichoke dip with bread but that is too fancy for me to make.  Maybe next year.
I probably said this dozens of time in the past but as I look around and think of what I would like to do it is almost mind boggling.  Gail did so much and I did so much but much of what I did Gail never did and much of what she did I never did.  An example would be I did all the car things so Gail probably had not put gas in the car for many many years.  I actually don't think she ever thought to look at the gas gauge.  On the other had I never did the clothes, they always just showed up folded in the dresser.  So life changes, it becomes a bit more complicated and actually more time consuming but I, like anyone, need to change with the times, rely on the Lord and move forward with what God has for me. 
Time to sign off.

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michael said...

I like the picture, Dad. It is appropriate you posted that one because Mom always was saying how hanging clothes out on the line was her favorite chore. She loved to be outside doing work and she loved how fresh, clean and white clothes got hanging outside. She always hung clothes outside instead of using a dryer - even jeans! which meant we had to break them in! -cynthia