Friday, December 11, 2009

I better be ready

Here is Gail at Uncle Hugo's cottage in 1964. My guess is she is ready to go to church. This is a picture different than any other picture I have of her. She again has that infectious smile.
Today is the open house. I THINK I will be ready. Cynthia will be over here most of the afternoon and Ernie R said he would come mid afternoon. I do want to go to Dick Berg's funeral at 11:00 so I best be working this morning. I have been praying for his wife Jackie and family. Dick had been suffering for a long time so he will certainly have a great Christmas but we do need to pray for Jackie, of course it will be difficult. I will meet John L for breakfast at 6:30. Getting ready has been an experience. I really am not doing a lot but my or my it has been difficult. I am hoping that I am using most of my emotion (sadness) up for this party. If the whole holiday season is this difficult the end of December can not come soon enough. I have been dreaming about Gail a lot, thinking about her a lot and feeling all of my inadequacies in getting ready for this open house. In printing up a note to put by the basket in case anyone wants to donate to the Gail Lee Camp Fund I just had to stop typing and have a talk with the Lord. I questioned God about his ways, his plan and most everything. In the end he simply said "I will not give to you more than you can do". I couldn't argue any more so I continued with my work. I am hoping that I did the right thing with putting out a basket for donations for the camp fund. I don't know for sure but what I did is done so we will see.
I better get dressed for breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

I do love those pictures. I might have to learn how to post pictures like that on the computer. I am pretty illiterate when it comes to doing things on the computer.
I remember that deer picture in the background at Hugo's cabin. Wonder if it is still there. Thanks for remembering my birthday. Mary and I are now both 55. Our family (Saunders) is really bad at remembering birthdays
and I just don't know why. Just the way we are I guess. Mary picks
up the birthday department in our family. She controls most all departments for that matter. I thank God every day for such a great gal. I am a lucky man.
Good luck with your open house. Mark